The (Blindingly Obvious) Secret to Improving Your Business by 30% In Just One Month!

I just got a really inspiring email from Joanna Wiebe at Copyhackers, courtesy of her Tuesday Morning Tips newsletter.

(If you’re not following Joanna, you really should! She always manages to teach me something new about how to write engaging copy.)

The subject was “The Rule of One Percent” and in it she shares an insight from a book she read recently called Raving Fans, by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles.

Here’s the inspiring part:

“The biggest problem I have in delivering my vision is knowing what to do next. Either I try to do too much at once and get frustrated, or I sit immobilized because of the size of the job ahead. The rule of one percent reminds me that all I have to do is improve by one percent. Things can’t help but improve if you keep at it one percent at a time.”

So how do you improve your business by 30% in 30 days?

Simple! Improve it by 1% each day!

Imagine that — instead of worrying about how to make big changes, start by making ONE change today. And another tomorrow. And another the next day.

What ONE tiny improvement can you make today?

Here are Joanna’s (excellent) suggestions:

  • Today (Tuesday): Add a testimonial to the first page of your cart/checkout
  • Wednesday: On your “Contact Us” page, replace the headline “Contact Us” with a reason to contact you… like, “Our CEO Answers the Phone! Call Us Today”
  • Thursday: Add a nice, pleasant “thank you” message to your receipt page
  • Friday: Add a persuasive summary headline over the testimonial you added on Tuesday
  • Saturday: If you don’t normally test, set up a subject-line test for your next email or a headline test on your “Plans & Pricing” page
  • Sunday: Make a chunk of copy on your “Tour” / “How It Works” page (or on a key product page) more scanner-friendly
  • Monday: Add a meaningful headline above the logos of customers/clients/users on your home page

And a few more I’d suggest:

  • Add compelling text to your call-to-action button. Instead of “Sign Up”, tell me WHY I should sign up, and what I’ll get out of it, such as “Get FREE weekly tips on how to get more customers”
  • Add a human face to the front page! People gain confidence in your business when they know they are dealing with real people, so add your own face or someone from your organization. Add an image to the header next to your phone number: “This is Brenda, she really works here!”
  • Similarly, add images to your testimonials! It increases the “social proof” by showing your prospects that your happy customers are real people, just like them.
  • Add an “on” state to your buttons and links. There should be no doubt whatsoever that your call-to-action button is indeed a button. Make your button “come alive” when someone mouses over it.

What ONE thing can you do to improve your business TODAY?


  1. Ok Sarah, you got me…. you drew me in, a nice post. I got a takeaway from that one. I was just thinking about my own contact page and you planted just the seed of creativity I needed. So, how am I going to subscribe to your blog? Have an RSS feed?

    • Ah! You’ve found my 1% for the day — add an RSS feed so people can subscribe to my blog! 😉

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Baby steps lead to adult results.

    Chunking your work, focusing on pieces that take one skill set and small chunks of time, allows us to get a lot done over time.

    My office is too messy!
    OMG! it is too much to clean up at once.
    Instead of doing nothing take 10-15 minutes to clean up some of it.
    Tomorrow another ten minutes.
    Eventually it is clean……well in theory at least :)

    • Very true Grant! It really applies to all areas of life.

  3. I love the way this is laid out.
    ‘Everyone likes lists’ – not sure who. I have look at a lot of conversion optimisation recently and having the 1 thing to do each day makes this very easy to follow and more importantly to put in to practice.

    Very good post.


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