Don’t Hire Facebook to Promote Your Facebook Page

Veritasium is a fascinating science video blog (science nerds, unite!) which, as the name implies, is dedicating to uncovering the truth.

In this recent video, they’ve uncovered a disturbing truth about Facebook’s “Promote Your Page” service.

If you want to get a whole bunch of Facebook likes in a very short time, there would seem to be two ways to go about it:

  1. Hire a “click farm”. They’ll pay a bunch of slave-wage workers in an emerging country to sit around and click the “like” button. You’ll get a crapload of low quality, low engagement likes.
  2. Hire Facebook to promote your page. Facebook would have you believe this is the way to get your page in front of people who would be interested, getting you lots of legitimate likes from people likely to engage again and again.

Seems like an obvious choice?

Turns out, the end result is the SAME. DARN. THING.

Watch the video below to see the evidence…

This is just another example that in marketing, always be suspicious of the “easy” button.

What ALWAYS works? Sharing great content that appeals to your followers, and that they would want to share with their friends. That is the best way to get REAL likes and REAL engagement.

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