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Customer Testimonials

I've helped many companies and organizations grow their business online. Check out what some of my customers are saying about working with me.

Sarah Peters has been an incredible support to SA-YES since its inception. SA-YES is a Cape Town based NPO and Sarah and her team, while very far away, have provided their services with absolute professionalism and consistency. We constantly receive great feedback on both our logo and website (both designed by Sarah). I have learnt a great deal since working with Sarah and her team about branding, design and the value of having an excellent website, which we do, thanks to Sarah and her colleagues. If I ever had to do this all again, I would call on Sarah, not only because of her professionalism but also because of her patience with me, who barely knows how to switch on a computer, never mind how to make best use of a website.Michelle Potter,
Sarah helped improve the design of my website immeasurably, executing her ideas with speed, grace and the highest creative and technical diligence. She not only understands web design inside and out, but is a joy to work with.Frank Spotnitz,
Sarah Peters came highly recommended by our company's IT department. Sarah has developed our web site from pictures and ideas we put together from scratch. She put together a Q&A session which really helped put the content together. Her creative skills as well as her complete understanding of our company has helped our company grow by gaining sales leads from our web site.Bobby Schetelich, United Rack Installers
We were so impressed with Sarah’s work, from the launch of our new website to poster and t-shirt design to annual report layouts, that we put her on retainer! A pleasure to work with. I whole-heartedly and highly recommend.Ben Wymer,
Sarah Peters is the best in the business. When my partner Steve and I began to look around for website designers we were overwhelmed. Sarah made us feel important and special, but most of all she didn't make us feel stupid! We have an online bakery and the challenge for us was being able to convey how delicious our goodies were to the customer and entice them to purchase something without having prior knowledge of our company or product. Sarah not only helped us come up with the design, she walked us thru the entire process every step of the way. Every single time we receive an order on our website people comment on how cool or gorgeous or inviting our site is. We can honestly say that our site kicks every other bakery's website in the tush!Jana Fain,
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