My Approach to Web Design

I base my approach to web design and marketing on these 5 main guiding principles… and coffee.

I’m interested in growing your business, not just my portfolio.

I believe that the best web design is one that delivers RESULTS, not one that makes the designer look good.

The job of a website is to communicate your message, not to call attention to itself.

If people are looking at the design, it means they’re not getting your message.

Every design element should have a reason and purpose behind it, to help communicate your message clearly and effectively, and to encourage your visitors to take action.

I believe in plain English, not jargon or buzzwords.

Who really wants to “develop multidimensional enterprise-level technologies”? What does that even mean?

My goal is not to impress and/or confuse people with internet buzzwords. The best way to get your point across? Come right out and say it!

I think you should pay for the best solution that fits your budget — and nothing more.

It’s all about using the right tool for the job. Depending on your needs and budget, I can provide everything from a completely custom website to a premade theme tailored to suit your business. I won’t charge you for an expensive custom-coded website when a good solution already exists.

That means you’ll save on development costs and get your website up faster, so you can get on to the good part — generating new business.

My design philosophy is to keep things simple.

Simple design means including only what is necessary to accomplish your goal, and nothing more. Superfluous bells and whistles will only distract away from your message, which will lessen the effectiveness of your site.

A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. — Antoine de Saint Exupéry  


I believe the best way to ensure a website’s success is to keep improving it.

Some web designers choose to make websites based on the First Best Guess method: meet with the client, agree on a nice-looking design, build it, collect payment and go on their merry way. Usually the site will then sit, mostly untouched, until someone decides it looks dated and needs an update.

I prefer a scientific approach to web design: research, build, test, and improve. I work with clients to monitor long-term results of their website. What keywords are people using to find the site? How many people are clicking on the “Buy Now” button?

If something’s not working, we improve it. A website is an investment, and the best way to ensure the best possible return on investment is to keep making it better.

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