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About Me

Sarah PetersI’m a freelance Internet marketing consultant who works primarily from home.

I don’t have a large office with a lobby, a personal assistant, or a security guard.

I don’t think you would enjoy paying for all those things. So I keep my fees low.

But here’s what I do have: I’ve carefully built up a network of forward-thinking designers and marketers who are dedicated to making the most effective websites.

That means that I can offer you not just my own experience and expertise, but  I can also call on a pool of other experts in any area of web marketing, design, and development.

So you get more expertise than any agency can offer – but without the agency fees – from someone local and friendly.

Let’s Work Together!

I’d love to hear what projects you need help with. I’ll offer you a free consultation up to one hour to discuss your goals and how we might work together.

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